INNOVATION: The Promise of Technology - Part 3

Technology can be an incredibly wonderful tool to drive innovation in healthcare delivery and design. The promise of technology is to offer faster, less expensive, and more efficient patient care than ever before. Continuing our series on the pace at which technology is impacting healthcare, the following articles show what the future may hold.

Where's the Apple in Healthcare?
Written by Paul Keckley, Ph.D., J. Charles Cosovich and Valinda Rudgledge, Navigant Healthcare, February 17, 2015

The Uberization of Healthcare
Written by Stuart Karten, HITConsultant Blog, February 17, 2015

Virtual Cadavers May Help Surgeons Save Limbs and Lives
Written by Ian Sample, The Guardian, February 14, 2015

App-based Studies Bring Promise, Peril
Written by Sabriya Rice, Modern Healthcare, March 14, 2015