LEAN TRAINING: ARTEKNA Principals Complete Lean Six Sigma Healthcare Yellow Belt Training

 Greg Lewis and Lou Huebler recently participated in Lean Six Sigma Healthcare Yellow Belt certification training. Per the course description, the training was designed to enable each participant to effectively:

 • Participate in Lean improvement initiatives as an engaged and informed team member
 • Utilize Lean principles, methods, and tools to optimize care delivery and support processes
• Assist others in applying Lean principles, methods and tools.

The participants learned:

• Evidenced-based concepts, tools, and techniques used to facilitate clinical and non-clinical improvement efforts.
• Techniques to analyze workflow processes that identify:
       o Value-adding steps;
       o Non-value adding steps; and
       o Obstacles/barriers.
• Basic Lean techniques to reduce and/or eliminate non-value adding steps.
• Redesign tools to overcome workflow barriers, improve quality, improve reliability and reduce cost.

In order to obtain the yellow belt certification, participants must attend all training sessions, pass the certification exam, and participate in a Lean Six Sigma Improvement Initiative which includes submitting an A3 Project Report and Project Report Affidavit. Greg and Lou have completed the training and passed the exam. They plan to participate in an improvement initiative in the near future to wrap up the certification process.


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